Terelj Lodge


Nestled within the pristine beauty of Gorkhi Terelj National Park, Terelj Lodge stands as a beacon of luxurious comfort amidst nature's grandeur.
Offering breathtaking views of the picturesque valley and easy access to the park's attractions, Terelj Lodge has earned its reputation for exceptional service, delectable cuisine, and serene surroundings, making it the preferred choice for both international travelers and domestic vacationers exploring the wonders of the national park

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Comfort Lodging & Delicacy

Except for cultural experiences and activities you enjoy, our facilities and services that are superior in standards compared to other camps in the area make your stay comfortable and relaxing. All our facilities are designed to provide you the highest comfort in the beautiful natural settings. Anyone can be thrilled to eat in our spacious Heritage and Modern Ger restaurants serve most delicious Mongolian, European and Asian cuisines. Beside delicacy Fresh drinks, Mongolian barbeque and a stunning view of the picturesque Terelj valley are all combined to enhance your enjoyment.

How to get Terelj Lodge?

It takes 1.5 hours drive from Ulaanbaatar to Terelj Lodge, located 55 kilometres from Ulaanbaatar to the east in beautiful settings of Gorkhi Terelj National Park. The famous Turtle Rock stands in a valley next to Ongotstiin Am valley, where there Terelj Lodge is.

Head office: Chinggis Khaan avenue 98 Ulaanbaatar 17032, Mongolia

+(976-11) 344488, +976 99006935, +976 99052952

[email protected]

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Testimonials from guests

  • Sonya

    I had to organise a picnic trip to our foreign partners. As all the other Terelj area resorts were booked, I have contacted Terelj Lodge. As I was travelling with my teammates, chef and foreign guests, I have requested them in advance to prepare everything including meal, dining environment etc. Khorkhog meat was well done and tender. Good option of salads and aperitifs. Overall good experience

    Sonya @TripAdvisor
  • Fabulous place

    Great location and very clean Gers. Good and friendly staff who are very helpful. Arranged a very enjoyable horse riding activity. Food is very nice too - lots of traditional Mongolian food served. Worth a visit.

    Fabulous place
  • Absolutely great and recommendable.

    We spent just one day at the resort. We stopped to have lunch and relax while visiting the National Park. Seeing the resort which consists mostly of yurts for rent was interesting. The common service building with bathrooms and showers was very clean and convenient.

    Absolutely great and recommendable.
  •  Cheang Ruwee

    Terelj lodge is definitely the utmost best! Showcase of the most exquisite and authentic charms of all time. It is so wonderful and so worthful for a stay with the best meals perfect scenery and tip top atmosphere.

    Cheang Ruwee from Korea
  • Traveler from USA

    We enjoyed the tasty meal in the restaurant belonging to the resort. Nice wood decor, many ethnic a local accents. Nice staff. Free coffee and tea, and the biggest surprise: we were served delicious horse broth and horse meat for lunch. Some of us took a horse ride in the surprisingly beautiful, serene surroundings, full of spectacular rocks and cliffs.

    Traveler from USA
  • Youke

    The gers are comfortable - have to live there once during Mongolia. The toilet is good but can hear the people next door. Very warm as they have a heater in the room. Wake up to the beautiful scenery of the mountains. Worth the experience

    Youke traveller from Singapore


By staying in Terelj Lodge, you will not only have a lovely holiday break but also experience the authentic traditions of Mongolians and learn their historical roots.


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